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Free Consultation on Migration, Study, Work ( Canada, Australia)

Migrating Overseas is a life changing decision. Personally we consider migration as an Investment. So, do it right at the first time by consulting the experts.

Showcasing your exceptional skills & talents on your Job Bank/MyCIC profile

Image result for canada gif fileWe will work closely with you to create three separate profiles to support your application for Canadian Permanent Residence.

  • The 1st profile is for the Government of Canada’s official Job Bank database to help put you in touch with Canadian employers looking to hire.
  • The 2nd profile is for the Express Entry pool, which will allow your application to be ranked against other applicants looking to apply for Canadian Immigration.
  • The 3rd profile is for the PNP Portal creation, Express Entry controls the intake of some PNPs, while other provincial programs remain under the authority of the province in question. In the event that Express Entry manages your PNP program, you would need to submit an expression of interest and then be entered into a pool of prospective applicants.

Provincial nominee evaluation & advice/Ongoing support:

We constantly monitor all provincial nominee programs, as they are released, to see if you are a suitable candidate. We also advise you on any possible ways to boost your CRS score and help you stand out from the crowd.

Expressway Immigration Consultancy Services (EWICS)

Expressway immigration Consultancy helps clients in analysing their chances of migration through the expertise evaluation program. Our expertise team identifies which countries are the best bets for you to work, study, settle. Unlike other companies which offers free evaluation run on the software , our evaluation is personalised & involves many factors while evaluating which you can bank on.

We want to know whether you qualify to migrate as much as you. Our investment is the reputation & trust which we are carrying since decades by successfully processing many applications.

Evaluation is mandatory pre-requisite as it allows us to be sure you actual qualify for immigration & keeps our success rates high Post the positive evaluation, Our Counselors will sign up your case.

  • Get a dedicated Visa Consultant.
  • The Consultant will provide you with options.
  • You may need to get a positive Eligibility Report before we can take up your case.
  • You sign you and have made your first step in the right direction towards achieving your overseas Career Dream.

You do it right at the first time when you have choice of doing it right by Consulting us.

If the evaluation is negative, Our Counselors will offer you alternate best suitable country evaluation complimentary. Immigration programs are point based system & evaluation report is starter kit for your immigration plan which contains everything you need to know to begin the processing.

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