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Visitor Visa Vs Tourist Visa

3 Points of Difference between Canada Visitor Visa and Tourist Visa

Are you planning to visit Canada for a short time period? Are you also in the dilemma that what is the difference between Canada visitor visa and tourist visa? Well, we can clarify your difference by explaining to you both the visa categories and establishing points of difference that can solve your confusion. To begin with, Temporary Resident Visa is an official visa document issued which is issued by a Canadian Visa office that is placed on the applicant’s passport to show that he/she has met the criteria required for admission as a temporary resident. Moreover, Canada visitor visa is a visa under a temporary resident visa which is issued to an individual who wants to visit Canada for a purpose such as visiting his/her family. On the other hand, a tourist visa is a visa which falls under the temporary visa category where the visa is issued to the visitor where he/she is visiting Canada for purpose of tourism. Well, to clarify your doubts, here are 3 points of difference between Canada visitor visa and tourist visa.


The foremost point of difference when it comes to Canada visitor visa and Canada tourism visa is the nature of entry that both the visas offer. While, the visitor visa offers multiple entries with the validity based on your passport validity with a travel period of 6 months at a time when you visit for a purpose such as visiting family, etc. But, in the case of a tourist visa, the nature of entry is a single entry where the applicant is allowed visa for the time on which he/she is traveling to Canada. The purpose of the visit decides the nature of entry.


The second point of difference between the two visas is the need for a guarantor. In the case of Canada visitor visa, one of the requirements to avail visitor visa is a letter of invitation. For instance, if your relative is living in Canada and you want to visit him/her on visitor visa then you must have a letter of invitation from the Canadian host. Whereas, in the case of a tourist visa, there is no requirement of a guarantor as the nature of the visit is as a tourist so the candidate needs to take care of his/her expenses.


The final point of difference between the two visa categories is the time period that both the visa categories offer to the candidates. The duration of your stay is based on the visa officer, where if you are visiting on Canada visitor visa you are allowed to visit Canada for a maximum of 6 months on a single-entry in Canada. Also, in the case of a tourist visa, the entry is for the time period for which the tourist is in Canada but can also be extended in some cases as well.

Now, to apply for any of the two visas, there are certain requirements that you should meet which makes you eligible for the temporary resident visa. So, to help you understand the requirements for the visa and make your application process easy Expressway Immigration Consultancy experts assist you. The experts assist you in the application process by comprehending the requirements, filling out your application and providing you with the list of documentation that will help you to strengthen your case. For more information related to Canada visitor visa or tourist visa, contact us at Chennai Main Visa office:

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