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What is express entry

What is Express Entry?

Find out how the system works and the three federal immigration streams

Welcome to our Expressway immigration Consultancy Services (EWICS) Express Entry Ultimate Guide! For a lot of skilled workers who desire to come to Canada as Permanent Residents, Express Entry is the fastest way to reach that dream.

With processing times of less than 6 months, Express Entry has become very popular! This is why we prepared this Ultimate Guide for you.

Express Entry ITA Numbers

1. Most number of ITAs issued in one draw – 3,750 on June 25, 2018
2. Least number of ITAs issued in one draw – 290 on November 1, 2017 (this draw was for candidates invited under provincial nomination only)
3. Number of ITAs issued in 2015 – 31,063
4. Number of ITAs issued in 2016 – 33,782
5. Number of ITAs issued in 2017 – 74,732
6. Number of ITAs issued so far in 2018 –37,200
7. Total number of ITAs issued since the system was introduced – 176,777

What is Express Entry?

Find out how the system works

Express Entry: Step-by-Step Guide

The ultimate 10-step guide to get PR

Latest Express Entry Draws

Figures from 2015 till now

How can I improve my CRS score?

Good scores at the languages tests are key

How much does EE cost?

Consult our tables with all the costs

Common EE Refusal Reasons

Check out our important tips to avoid refusal

Letter of Explanation (LoE) – Sample

Find out what it is, how and when to make use of it

Employment Reference Letter – Sample

Find out all you need to know about it

Settlement funds for 2019

Find what types of funds are acceptable

Moving to other provinces

Find out the cases in which you are allowed to move out

Why am I ineligible to Express Entry?

Find out the reasons and how you can overcome them!

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